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Announcing the TRAP House Website!

The TRAP House team is launching our website! This project has been in the works for some time and it’s finally ready!

Our website was built by a wonderful team of designers, developers, and project managers at IMPACT Branding & Design in Wallingford, CT. Each year, they hold a competition called the Make-An-IMPACT Website Project. The team at IMPACT selects a Connecticut-based social good organization and designs a website for the winner free-of-charge. This year, TRAP House won! The IMPACT team worked hard to design a site that was sleek and that would help meet our goals as an organization. 

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Here’s how our Summer of Success is going.

If you take a look at this post you can read all about the launch of our Summer Program. We hosted a Startup Day competition where future entrepreneurs came in and pitched their business ideas, and refined these ideas with our team of mentors. At the conclusion of the competition, we decided to select 3 winners from the competition, who became TRAP Stars for the summer. These individuals would receive full-time foundational incubation services throughout the summer.

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We Hosted a Startup Day Competition.

As the summer months approached, TRAP House was still just getting started. The team was just finishing up riding a wave of early fundraising and publicity. Our CEO, Bashaun Brown, was interviewed by the Hartford Courant in May and around that same time, TRAP House won Wesleyan University’s Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship 2016 Seed Grant. However, this all occurred before TRAP House began formally engaging with its target community. Come June, it was time for us to start testing our New Hustle Philosophy.

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